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NR 2004-10
April 28, 2004

Contact: Anita Gore
Ed Wilson
Mark Oldfield
Don Drysdale
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SACRAMENTO – As part of an ongoing statewide effort to maximize beverage container recycling opportunities, the state Department of Conservation has awarded $10 million in grants aimed at “closing the recycling loop” through better recovery and re-use of beverage containers in new products and packaging.

In all, 12 projects are slated to receive funding to increase the recycling rate of California Refund Value (CRV) beverage containers through (1) new and expanded end-uses for aluminum, glass and plastic beverage containers and (2) improved supplies and quality of recycled feedstock for use in manufacturing. The grant program also aims to stimulate job creation in the state.

“This new grant program will create many new opportunities for California’s beverage container recycling industry,” said Darryl Young, Director of the California Department of Conservation. “These grants give us another tool to boost recycling rates for beverage containers. We can do more to complete the recycling loop in California, and these projects address the barriers to increased recycling and related jobs.”

The grant funding supports a variety of projects including the development of a new reclamation facility to process an additional 60 million pounds of PET (clear plastic) annually that can be used for in manufacturing new plastic bottles. Other projects include recycled glass processing systems, improved glass sorting technologies and expanded curbside recycling programs.

“Each of the approved projects were subjected to very strict guidelines to ensure they fit with our main goal of increasing beverage container recycling in California – both in the long and short term,” said Young. “From Humboldt County to San Diego, we are excited to be able to fund projects that will help improve our ability to ‘close the loop’ on beverage container recycling throughout the state.”

Please see the following list for a brief description of each project and the funding awarded to each.

  • Allan Co., Baldwin Park: Project will include the installation of two optical sorting systems to color-sort broken glass processed in a materials recovery facility. Grant award amount: $211,500. Contact: Steve Young: (626) 962-4047

  • Arcata Community Recycling, Humboldt County: Install new processing line at a materials recovery facility to handle 30 tons per day of commingled beverage containers. Will allow rural communities to consolidate & expand curbside services and recycling opportunities. Grant award amount: $981,340. Contact: Mark Loughmiller (707) 822-4542 Ext. 210.

  • CA Waste Solutions, Inc., San Jose: Increase volume & quality of single-stream curbside-collected glass. Will install state-of-the-art Titus Fines Recovery System at a materials recovery facility to separate broken glass "fines" from other materials. Will recover additional glass now lost in processing & increase scrap value. Grant award amount: $231,854. Contact: Brian Jones (408) 292-0830

  • ┬ĚCenter for Environmental Economic Development, Humboldt County: Expand markets for low-value broken glass by helping brick & tile manufacturers & others use recycled feedstock. Will develop a multi-pronged Recycled Glass Feedstock Conversion Project, including market research, technical assistance & outreach to manufacturers, product distribution support, and an awards program. Grant award amount: $191,895 Contact Daniel Ihara (707) 322-8347.

  • Cold Canyon Processing Facilities, San Luis Obispo: Install a General Kinematics De-stoner to recover broken glass from materials recovery facility residue (currently landfilled). Grant award amount: $69,500. Contact Tom Martin (805) 543-2910.

  • eCullet, Inc., Menlo Park: Develop a large-scale, commercially viable recycled glass processing system to remove contaminants and optically sort flint, amber and green fractions from heavily contaminated mixed-color broken glass. Production unit will be capable of processing residue from a large materials recovery facility (MRF) and producing furnace-ready cullet. Unit will process MRF residue on site or at another facility at 24 tons per hour or faster. Grant award amount: $640,000. Contact Farook Afsari (650) 233-6650.

  • IMS Recycling, San Diego: Install 3 state-of-the-art optical sorting systems at a materials recovery facility to increase recovery of California Refund Value containers (all materials) from paper stream and from container stream. Grant award amount: $293,791. Contact: Mike Howard (619) 231-2521.

  • Plastic Recycling Corporation of California, Sonoma: Build a comprehensive reclaiming system for clear plastic using European technology. Plant will be patterned after existing state-of-the-art plant in France. Total capital cost of plant including equipment, building improvements & engineering will be $20+ million. Grant award amount: $4,908,707. Contact: Patty Moore (707) 935-1997.

  • SF Recycling & Disposal, San Francisco: Increase volume & quality of single-stream curbside-collected glass. Will install state-of-the-art Titus Fines Recovery System at a materials recovery facility to separate broken glass "fines" from other materials. Will recover additional glass now lost in processing & increase scrap value. Grant award amount: $265,508. Contact: Maurice Quillen (415) 330-1400.

  • Strategic Materials, Inc., San Leandro: Expand color-sorting capabilities by the Beneficiating Processor (final Processor that produces furnace-ready feedstock), to upgrade broken mixed-color glass to manufacturing specifications for containers & fiberglass. Grant award amount: $1,275,000. Contact: Tex Corley (281) 966-5700.

  • Sun Valley Paper Stock, Inc., Sun Valley: Install "air knife" system to increase recovery of glass from a materials recovery facility, especially glass "fines" less than 1/4 inch in size. Grant award amount: $45,205. Contact: Leonard Lang (818) 767-1323.

  • Talco Plastics Inc., Long Beach: Expand high density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) recycling by installing equipment to increase reclaiming capacity by 33%; reduce processing costs to better compete with virgin HDPE. Will increase production by 3 million pounds in first year. Will provide feedstock for vertically integrated manufacturing of home & garden products as well as outside customers. Grant award amount: $885,700. Contact: Stan Kezar (562) 630) 1224.

For additional information on the new grant program, or to request an application, click here.