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Tsunami Student Activities, Workshops, and Curriculum


NEW Tsunami Inundation Maps

This link takes you directly to the new California tsunami inundation maps. Important tsunami preparedness information is located at the bottom of the county/regional index pages.




California Geological Survey Note 55 – Tsunamis

This new CGS Note provides basic information about California tsunamis, tsunami history (two pages).



California Tsunami Poster

Colorful poster that illustrates how tsunamis occur and how to recognize and be prepared for a tsunami. Include pictures of notable tsunamis that have affected California.


How to Survive a Tsunami

Brochure prepared by the California Emergency Management Agency provides information on what you should know about tsunamis and what to do if you feel a strong earthquake along the coast.



More Tsunami Education

Tsunami Videos

“Tsunamis: Know What to Do!” - View the Emmy Award winning animated video produced by the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services.

“Tsunamis: Know What to Do!” (Spanish subtitled version) - “¡Qué hacer en caso de un maremoto!
El Condado de San Diego uso un cortometraje animado para educar a niños sobre los maremotos. Un cangrejo animado enseña los estudiantes qué hacer en caso de un maremoto.”

U.S. Geological Survey Tsunami Preparedness videos to help Californians better understand the tsunami hazard for the state:

Video: Lessons Save Lives: The story of Tilly Smith
Learn about an eleven-year-old schoolgirl that was on vacation in Thailand with her family when the tsunami hit in December 2004. She recognized the signs of the receding sea and warned her parents of the impending tsunami. Her efforts saved the life of dozens of people. This story highlights the critical importance of tsunami education.