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The California Geological Survey (CGS) provides geologic and seismic expertise to the public, other State government offices, such as the California Emergency Management Agency (CEMA; formally known as the Governor's Office of Emergency Services), and local government agencies (cities and counties).  CGS is working closely with CEMA and the Tsunami Research Center at the University of Southern California to produce statewide tsunami inundation maps for California (to be released in 2009).  These maps will used by coastal communities to produce emergency evacuation plans.  CGS is also the Scientific Representative for California on the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program Coordinating Committee, a state and federal cooperative that produces policy and standards for tsunami mitigation efforts in the United States and its territories. 

For basic information about tsunami and their impacts to California, please visit the following website:

Click here to view educational materials related to tsunamis and tsunami hazards in California.

For information about the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program, please visit the following website:

CGS Note - Tsunamis:  This educational document is a companion to the statewide inundation maps (public release in Decemeber, 2009).  This is one in a series of CGS Notes devoted to different geologic features or hazards important to California.  Click here to view the CGS Note.

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